Safe and Socially-Distanced Aikido & Iaido Practice

No cost and zero pressure.  Just fun!

Located in  Peachtree Hills Park

In light of the current health crisis, Peachtree is currently offering outdoor classes with a concentration on weapons training. You'll practice techniques with bokuto (sword) and jo (short staff) that directly inform Aikido's core tenets while getting a great workout. Our weapons classes are perfect for both newcomers and veterans to martial arts, and our community of students looks forward to supporting your training.       

Come to class in gym attire, ready for a unique workout and lots of fun! Simply fill out this form to reserve your spot, and you'll get a confirmation email shortly. Masks are required. 



Weapons (Jo & Bokuto)



Even More Details

Are you going to pressure me to join at the end of class?

No. Martial arts are not for everyone, and the most important ingredient to success is genuine interest. We will explain our membership structure - which is available on this page.  You will experience zero pressure to join Peachtree Aikikai Atlanta... guaranteed!   

Are you going to spam me or call me after class is over?

No. Peachtree Aikikai Atlanta will never sell your contact information, and will make no attempt to solicit you for membership following your Aikido 101 class. We may email you about upcoming events - only because we think you might be interested - but you can opt out any time. We adhere to the classic Zen perspective: "Those who come are welcome; those that leave are not chased". 

Why do I need to sign up for this class?

This form allows our instructors to plan class curriculum, and make sure to bring enough weapons for everyone. Also, our class schedule changes from time to time, and we would hate for you to come on a day where class has been cancelled!

I've never done anything like this before, and I'm excited - but I'm nervous!

That's totally normal! Even the highest-ranked students were once newbies. And while we practice Aikido very diligently, we don't take ourselves too seriously at Peachtree Aikikai. We strive to make Aikido fun and enjoyable for everyone, and we celebrate your taking the first step on a very exciting journey!   

Are you sure this is a safe activity during the coronavirus pandemic?

While the risk of virus transmission cannot be eliminated in a class setting, we take every CDC-recommended precaution to protect our students and instructors. (We even have CDC scientists in our student body!) The weapons themselves ensure social distancing, and there is lots of hand sanitizer on site. Masks are required and we have had no known cases of COVID in our community, either by internal or external transmission.