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Make it a Sunday to remember with a free Aikido class

Getting started in Aikido is easy with Aikido 101, a free basics class led by a black belt instructor most Sundays.

In this 45-minute class, you'll explore Aikido concepts and movements, and observe advanced Aikido techniques as performed by current Peachtree students. Come to class in gym attire, ready for a unique workout... and lots of fun! Simply fill out this form to reserve your spot, and you'll get a confirmation email shortly. 

Sundays @ 10:00am

Even More Details

Are you going to pressure me to join at the end of the class?

NO. We love Aikido, but we recognize Aikido is not for everyone, and the most important ingredient to success is genuine interest. We will explain our membership structure - which is available on this page - and some proven methods for effective training.  You will experience zero pressure to join Peachtree Aikikai Atlanta... guaranteed.   

Are you going to spam me or call me after class is over?

NO. Peachtree Aikido will not solicit you for membership following your Aikido 101 class. We might email you about upcoming events (and even THAT is unlikely, honestly) - but you can opt out any time. We adhere to the classic Zen perspective: "Those who come are welcome; those that leave are not chased". 

If it's every Sunday, why do I need to register for class?

All of our instructors are volunteers, which means your registration ensures that an instructor will be available to teach.

I've never done anything like this before, and I'm excited... but I'm nervous!

That's totally normal! Even our highest-ranked students had a "Day 1" and it's a pretty intense experience. While our practice of Aikido is always in earnest, we don't take ourselves overly seriously at Peachtree Aikikai. We strive to make Aikido fun and enjoyable for everyone, and we celebrate you taking the first step on a very exciting journey!   

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