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Iaido:  Focusing the Spirit

Iaido (pronounced "ee-eye-dough") is the traditional martial art of Japanese swordsmanship.  Translated literally, Iaido means the way of meeting being.  The ultimate goal of Iaido is focus, and the ability to respond calmly and efficiently to sudden attack.

Iaido is a true budo (pronounced “boo-dough”) or martial way of life, evolved from battlefield techniques of feudal Japan into the modern system of movement and grace practiced

today.  Students learn how to draw and cut with the Japanese sword, but the ultimate goal of Iaido is awareness and efficient posture and movement. Practice is meditative and rigorous through repetition of ancient forms, but when studied in earnest, Iaido is also a discipline for perfecting the spirit.

Peachtree Aikido is affiliated with Kiyoikaze Iaido Federation under Claude Berthiaume Sensei and, in memorium, Mitsunari Kanai Sensei.  Prospective students of Iaido must receive permission of the Chief Instructor prior to joining.

Come watch a class anytime - no prior notification needed!

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