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Aikido for Kids: 
The Path to Resiliency

Aikido provides children 6 years and up with the opportunity to learn self-defense without resorting to violence to solve problems.  The art offers much more than just rote memorization and colored belts. Aikido helps children develop the skills and qualities they need to succeed in life.

At Peachtree, children learn to be respectful and social, focused and calm, agile and strong. Aikido training at Peachtree emphasizes 

posture, flexibility, awareness, focus, balance, coordination, self-discipline and confidence through dynamic physical training.  Children learn to protect and believe in themselves in safe and supportive classes.  And the workouts are challenging and healthy, and our kids learn about Japanese culture and language, too!

As children in our program grow, they take on more responsibility for their junior students and the dojo, develop valuable leadership skills. Aikido training emphasizes cooperation instead of competition, so children learn to encourage each other to improve. Peachtree is a community and a family, and our aim is to see every child succeed.

Bring your child to watch a class anytime - no prior notification needed!

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