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Updated: August 23, 2022

Peachtree Aikikai Atlanta is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive training environment for students and their families. In light of the pandemic, Peachtree Aikikai leadership has set forth the following protocol for its student body, and asks that all visitors abide by the same standards while in the facility. 

All students over the age of 18 must provide proof of vaccination to an authorized instructor at Peachtree Aikikai before their first class. There are NO exceptions. Booster shots are not required at this time.

Vaccination is not required of children under the age of 18 at this time. Peachtree strongly encourages parents to have their children vaccinated...  to protect their kids, themselves, and fellow students.

Masks are not currently required at the dojo. Those who wish to wear a mask in the dojo and during class are welcome to do so. 



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